Wart removal cream or paste, causes, removal, treatment.

Hello Everyone, 

I am Dr. Ashok Vatts, Director of the Sanwaria Amar Life Care Private Limited. We deal in Ayurveda Products. So our todays topic is What is Mole or Wart ?

If we talk about wart first of all we got picture in our mind black circle type ball which is mostly seen in our neck, arms, face and other body parts. 

So firstly our first question is What is Mole (Wart) ?

We know  that blood flows in our body continuously with the help of heart. but wart arises when that blood clots gets gather and arises in the outer side of the body part and we all know that when blood dry. It color converts into the black. So that’s why seen black Chana type grain looks out to us. This type of wart we seen in our body and necks. We also attach a image how wart looks like. This type mostly we seen our face and its also decreases our beauty. Mostly people when meet to other new people then they notice their wart. Some times the wart makes us feel uncomforted and we did not give our best on what we do.

Could we remove the wart ?

Yes, We remove the wart without any operation and their is no need to goto the Hospitals and meet doctors. You can remove your wart at home. Yes you can do it your self. If you go to the hospitals and doctors remove your wart by make a cut and it will be very painful. But if you use our wart removal cream or paste then it will work perfect on wart and your wart remove in just 3 to 4 days without giving pain.

Any Side Effect ?

Mostally people thinks that side effect of any paste cream but you never think at this time. Our product which is Mole Distractor is 100% Ayurvedic. So feel free to apply on your wart. If you have any problem like how to apply and anything else, Feel free to contact us on our helpline numbers and Mail. 

Wart Treatment ?

So lets talk about how to remove wart on our face or any other body part. Their is lots videos available on YouTube they said How to remove wart? but nobody has full and correct treatment. So we launch our product  which is Mole Distractor which is cheap in price and 100% remove your mole/wart in just 3 to 4 days. The price of this product is only just Rs.170. So anyone buy it easily. After buying this product open it you will get a glass bottle which is field with paste/cream and also you receive a stick and prescription how to apply it on wart. So take stick and mix the paste/cream which is in the glass bottle and after mix then take only one drop of the paste/cream and apply it on the upper part of the wart/mole. After applying the paste/cream nothing will touch on that wart like clothe or anything else for 30 mins. Apply this medicine only one time in a day and stop applying this medicine when you seen your skin and your wart on the same level. If you need any other information feel free to contact us. We are Happy to Help you. Your problem is our problem.

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