Massa (Mole) granule of protruding flesh somewhere black body which is supposed to skin a variety of medicine. It often mustard  or  moong is the size of plum from shapes. It is usually on the hands and feet, but can also be on other parts of the body.Can you use our wart removal medicine.

Wart Removal Medicine

Mole Distractor 
This drug is only for external use. Not for hemorrhoids.
First shake the stick or Tuthpik matches the drug warts. Medicine only find on the upper end of the warts. Were not on the skin and find it not to their eyes. Taking the drug 30 minutes were not cloth and water on it and if you can make so wash after 60 minutes or clean. If medicine take dry began, it moved to put 7 drops of water from 5 to give the medicine to dry. Use of medicines continue until the wart is not the skin level. After Massa (wart) up to 15 days from 10 on the use of coconut oil.
Sugar the patient does not use it .)
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