Ayurvedic Medicines

Ayurveda tells us how to end our disease from the root,
we take the help of Ayurvedic medicines to end
any disease from the root.

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Ayurvedic Products

Our products are completely Ayurvedic. We offer many types of
Ayurvedic medicines such as stone medicine,
wart remover medicine, height enhancing
medicine and many more

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Welcome To Salc Family

We are Salc ( Sanwaria Amar Life Care Pvt. Ltd. ) .We have been selling Ayurvedic Medicines since last 8 years. Our medicines have proved very effective on the disease. You can also use our medicine and see that. We are sure you will get the benefit.

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Delivery Time

When we receive an order from you, we will courier you in 24 to 48 hours and you will get that courier in 7 to 10 days.

Shipping Charges

You will have to pay 100 shipping charges for ordering from anywhere in India.

Our Achievements

Many people have taken advantage of our medicine, which is almost 67890, so you can also avail medicine.

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If you get well with our medicine, then you can suggest someone to our website or medicine.

Our Products

Mole Distractor

मस्से की दवा

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H2H Amrit

Hight बढ़ाने के लिए

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Four O Clock Amrit

गैस, कब्ज, अफरा, बदहजमी के लिए

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Stone End

गुर्दे की पत्थरी के लिए

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यूरिक एसिड के लिए

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Sanwaria Swadisth Churan (स्वादिष्ट चूर्ण )

गैस, कब्ज, अफरा, बदहज्मी, पेट दर्द, भूख न लगना, खटै डकार आना

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Goshuradi Churan ( गोक्षुरादि चूर्ण )

धात , स्वपनदोष, शिग्रपतन की बीमारी

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Madhumehnashni Churan ( मधुमेहनाशिनी चूरन )

शुगर को कंट्रोल रखता है।

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Dant Rakshak Manjan ( दन्त रक्षक मंजन )

दांत का दर्द, मसूड़े फूलना, पायोरिया, ठंडा गरम लगना

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Mr. Ashok Kumar


“Everyone goes with the flow… but the one who goes against it becomes someone remarkable.”

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